Mold Abatement

Time is of the essence to prevent mold.  Call Avalanche immediately!Mold is a naturally occurring substance, but when combined with dampness from a house flood, leaky roof, burst pipe or wet basement, harmful results can quickly occur.  If not controlled, mold is extremely dangerous and can have long-term, devastating health effects.

The mold elimination specialists at Avalanche Restoration will diagnose your mold problem. More importantly, we will get to the root of the mold and eliminate the source. Our mold inspectors are experts in diagnosing and removing mold at your home or office.

Mold has telltale signs, such as a distinctive smell and a unique look. It loves to grow and hide in damp, moist areas such as between walls and underneath floors and where you have basement water damage. If you suspect you have a mold problem at your home or office, it’s best to let professional, certified mold removal specialists at Avalanche handle the job.

Waiting won’t make your mold problem get any better, nor will it make it go away. In fact, mold removal becomes more difficult the longer mold is allowed to grow uncontrolled. Our home drying and basement flood drying services will dry damp and mold-prone areas so that the mold won’t grow back. Then we will perform mold remediation services to remove overgrown mold in your home or office.

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